Quality at Alliance Business Consultancy Services is a top priority. ABCS is in charge for the day-to-day management of the business center and its staff. ABCS has commercial accountability for budgeting and financial management, planning, organizing and directing all business center services, including reception, concierge, sales, food and beverage operations, and housekeeping.
While taking a strategic overview and planning ahead to maximize profits, ABCS also pays attention to the details, setting the example for staff to deliver a standard of service and presentation that meets the brands needs and expectations. Business and people management are equally important elements.

Our broad experience in operations, sales, revenue management, marketing, e-commerce, accounting, financing, renovation, and employee relations will secure a distinct advantage over other businesses.

We take pride in constantly assessing our services and team in order to deliver an impeccable quality of service in all aspects of our business. We are passionate to exude professionalism & are committed to excellence in everything we deliver.

Our formula has been mastered through constant tweaks over the years and perfected to present you with an outstanding value through the sustainable solutions we create.


Membership Benefits

Operating a successful office business center means providing quality service and economic benefits to your clients. At Alliance Business Centers Network, we are dedicated to providing that same level of service and benefits to our Members to help then learn, grow and increase revenue.

The ALLIANCE Advantage:
Brand affiliation and critical mass to be more competitive in pricing, service delivery and product development.
Competitive intelligence through communications, networking and membership meetings.
Training via Alliance’s in-house publications and industry leading trainers and coaches known as The Alliance Academy.
Marketing resources and power from ABCN Media and Alliance Office Strategies to ensure that your business is treated separately, staying above the competition.
Outsourced sales through our seasoned, full-time global staff, supported by ABCN.com and AllianceVirtualOffices.com websites and conventional marketing processes.
Aggregated purchasing power to ensure that no other operators in the industry have the ability to maintain the same margins of profit and efficiency.
If these benefits are important to your business, we invite you to learn why many hundreds of successful business center operators throughout the world have joined the Alliance Business Centers Network to improve their operations, increase marketing exposure and gain access to quality corporate accounts.

Here is an insight to what we do

  • Branding collateral material.
  • Building pre-scan.
  • Planning & design consultancy.
  • Processes, procedures and training consultancy.
  • Establishing employment policies and recruiting, employing, supervising, directing and discharging the employees at the centers.
  • Establishing prices, rates and charges for services provided in the centers.
  • Establishing and revising, as necessary, administrative policies and procedures, including policies and procedures for the control of revenue and expenditures, for the purchasing of supplies and services, for the control of credit, and for the scheduling of maintenance, and verifying that the foregoing procedures are operating in a sound manner.
  • Undertaking publicity and promotion, arranging for and supervising public relations and advertising, preparing marketing plans.
  • Planning, executing and supervising repairs, maintenance and fixed assets purchases at the centers.
  • Providing, or causing to be provided, risk management services relating to the types of insurance required to be obtained for the centers.